Saturday December 1st, CFF features director and a cinematographer Aaron Leong at our FREE Urban Film Summit.

Originally designed to cater to the needs of minority and underserved film communities, the annual, daylong event has become a staple of the local scene in educating filmmakers from all backgrounds. Based in Sacramento California, Aaron has just completed his 2nd major feature, Notorious Nick, starring Kevin Pollack and produced by Sacramento's Mark S. Allen and Howard Burd.

As a director, Aaron guides stories from pre-production through post, allowing them to be told thoroughly with the audience in mind. A graduate of the Arts Institute, Aaron has produced numerous shorts and another indie feature, Mamma Boy. His latest feature appears to be fast-tracked for distribution as its producer, Howard Burd has several big screen credits already including the Rom-Com hit, Mother's Day with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.  Mr Burd incidentally, won the Visionary Spirit Award in 2017 at the Sacramento International Film Festival.

When asked about his directorial style, Aaron said, "I believe this to be a collaborative process in working with other departments such as camera, production design, lighting, audio, and so on into post. With my theatre training and film school backgrounds, I find communication a very valuable tool. Being able to communicate to actors and another talent the needs for any given scene is as important as it is to communicate clearly to my crew the technical aspects of filmmaking."

As a director of photography, Aaron designs lighting schemes along with camera work to create an aesthetic custom suited for the project at hand. Again, with audience in mind, he creates emotions specific for each scene of each production. 

If you are an actor or filmmaker wishing to further your craft, please join us on November 3rd at 12:30pm and meet Mr. Leong. The event is free and features SEVERAL noted film talents and a FASHION ON FILM castin/Crew call at 6pm. There is even outside entertainment and food

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