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Good bye Stan-the-man, We will miss you!

By Martin Anaya

Who would have ever thought that a guy who published comic books would ever preside over a movie empire? Well, I'd be lying if I said me, but I can say this: Both me and all my comic head friends wished for it.

Yes, in 1975 when I 1st started buying comic books, we'd thrill to the adventures of…


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Meet Major Film Director, Aaron Leong Dec 1st

Saturday December 1st, CFF features director and a cinematographer Aaron Leong at our FREE Urban Film Summit.

Originally designed to cater to the needs of minority and underserved film communities, the annual, daylong event has become a staple of the local scene in educating filmmakers from all backgrounds. Based in Sacramento California, Aaron has just…


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Ed Fletcher on Cap Public Radio Talks Journalism and Film

One of the things we watch very carefully here at CFF is the state of other media. Recently, filmmaker, CFF contributer, Ed Fletcher was laid off from his primary job at the Sacramento Bee. On May 15th, 2018, he spoke to Capital Public Radio's Beth Ruyak about the state of print journalism as well as his other job as a…


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Pow! Film & Comic Art Collide @ CrockerCon


Amazing Illustrators, Artists Populate Crocker-Con

There were some amazing artists, illustrators and musicians on display at the recent Crocker-con event, held at the Iconic…


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Martin Landau, Personal thoughts

There will undoubtedly be numerous tributes to Martin Landau, the actor. I will leave that for the pros who study such things. I'd rather reminisce on Martin Landau, the guy. You see, I was fortunate enough to know Martin and share time with him. He was, to my recollection, a guy's guy, a real friend.

As a child of the 70's my first introduction…


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2nd Saturday Art Walk June 2016

Your friends at California Film Foundation are always seeking the greatest entertainment opportunities. With our upcoming TAPPED and FASHION ON FILM competitions,  we are also seeking filmmakers to chronicle some of these experiences.…


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CFF Visits The Voice Radio Station and Mike Lidskin of "Twirl"

Here at CFF we've always considered Community Media (including community radio) a very important part of a trans-media landscape and an informed and interconnected world. On July 9th CFF paid a visit to Access Sacramento's radio operation and chatted with Mike Lidskin of Twirl Radio. 



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Mark S Allen talks to CFF

With the recent I Love Film Mixer, we had an occasion to see Mark S Allen at probably one of the lowest points in his professional life. Still, his style and grace proved what we already knew: He'd be back!

Now Mark has a new gig, a new attitude and some new goodies for YOU! Here he is in a CFF exclusive…


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Beyonce Half Time Superbowl

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American Film Market 2015

2,00 new films!

1,000 production companies!

400 distributors!

Here is a brief video overview of AFM 2015. If you have an actual film product to sell, this is the best place to do it. Stay tuned for more, exclusive CFF coverage of AFM 2015 in coming weeks! As we did in years past, the California Film Foundation will keep you…


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D-23, Star Wars Secret Slate Revealed


By Valerie Greene

I got first hand knowledge of the Star Wars film slate. I went to the D23 Live Action panel! Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn took the stage to present the Lucasfilm slate and timeline to the D23 expo fans. Horn reminded…


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Pam Finney, Actor, Friend, Survivor

By CFF correspondent Kim Mims

Pamela Finney has been acting for nearly 50 years. Most of her earlier years were spent on the stage. Then she took time off for a few years to have her daughter, Gabrielle. 


When Pamela returned to acting in the ‘90s, she shifted her focus to acting for the camera and worked in that…


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Casting for a teen boy,

ethnic preferred, 13-14 yrs old that has theater experience for a paying bike safety video.

Shoots in Sacramento 9/5 & 6.

For those interested, please email headshot and resume to:

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