Dillon Schohr: A Pioneering Filmmaker With A Trilogy

It has taken me longer than it should've to post this wonderful interview with independent filmmaker Dillon Schohr; but finally, here it is. Instead of taking over some of his answers like some sites do, I have decided to make this piece purely his interview and all the links you need to become a well and deserved fan. Dillon and fellow friend and filmmaker Taylor Silk have created what they titled 'The Desert Trilogy' which are three short films that are beautiful, abstract and almost enchanting as every second leaves you wanting to know more, makes you itch to know 'what's next?' 

So here below is the interview I did with Dillon on his experience making the Desert Trilogy and his inspiration for such interesting pieces. 

What is your inspiration for your trilogy?
My inspiration for the trilogy came from after finishing the first film Alone. I realized that I wanted to keep utilizing that location and that I had more stories to tell out there. That's when Neary's Void came about and as we were finishing production on that short we starting brainstorming for what would eventually become Wash and Dry. 
If you had to pick one out of the three, which one is your favorite and why?
Still from Wash and Dry.
I love all my short films. Alone was such a small shoot, just me, my camera, and my co-writer and co-star Taylor Silk out in the desert having fun. Neary's Void was a bigger production and it had mistakes, not the good mistakes where it makes your film better, they're terrible mistakes that every time I watch it I wish I could change it. So to finally answer your question, Wash and Dry is my favorite of the short films. Production was so much fun, I got a chance to express myself completely differently than I ever have and it felt good, no it felt great. I love doing this. 
Your locations are beautiful, where do you film?
All of the desert locations are out in Apple Valley, CA. 
Tell us a little about your film making experience?
I've been a film lover since I came out of the womb. I love film. It's all I ever wanted to do. As a kid I would run around my hometown of Redding, CA making stupid, absurd videos with my friends. Then from about 2008 to 2011 I had a little break. I just didn't have any equipment and couldn't get stuff done. I spent a lot of time in Santa Barbara and some friends and I start making little funny shorts for a year two and then not until 2014 did I make Alone. 
What can we look forward to in the future regarding your film work? Will there be a part 4 or is something else coming?
No part four. The Desert Trilogy is done. I'm hoping that Wash and Dry will do well on the short film festival circuit and I'll be able to get my indiegogo campaign going to fund the feature film of Wash and Dry, which is currently being written.  My future is unplanned. I know that I will continue to make the films I want to see and I feel other people will enjoy.
I like to think that this interview is relatable to a lot of up and coming filmmakers as I have felt very similar towards my projects as Dillon has. 
Dillon and co, are very fantastic and creative people and I definitely think that as times goes on they will be ones to keep an eye on as the success and ever growing potential is surreal. Also, a quick mention for the music, since these three shorts have some of the most beautiful and perfectly fitting scores I have heard in an indie film, so keep your ears open for them!
Check out Dillon's channel for all three of The Desert Trilogy films; www.youtube.com/user/Dfschohr/videos ;

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